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Cookies‘ Biscotti is the delectable Indica strain that culminates from the crossing Gelato #25 and South Florida OG biscotti cookies strain for sale


One of the lesser known Cookies Family strains, Biscotti lives up to the family name and should be on an Cookies lovers Christmas list.Biscotti smells sweet and crispy like actual biscotti cookies. I also noticed hints of fresh cut grass. Each flower passes the eye test looks dipped in sugar. Hidden beneath a layer of trichomes are deep purple highlights, giving away it’s indica nature.Biscotti tastes herby and light on the inhale and sweet and buttery on the exhale.Buy biscotti cookies strain It’s very smooth all the way through. This is the first time I’ve smoked this strain, and it’s one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked. Bag appeal, fantastic aromatics and potent long lasting effects, this strain deserves its spot on the top of the shelf.I loved how this weed paired with my evening coffee. I would recommend doing the same. Or pair it with your morning coffee on your day off, it gave me a body high like an Indica, but didn’t have me couch locked like most. I would recommend this for making chores more exciting. Yard work, laundry, dishes, etc. This strain is sure to alleviate the dullness of mundane tasks, as well as keep you focused until your to-do list is done.Related imageCannabinoid Breakdown

  • THC: 21.9%
  • CBD: 0.1%
  • Total Cannabinoid’s: 27.3%


  • Indica-hybrid
  • Genetics: Gelato #25 crossed with South Florida OG.
  • So far, I’ve only seen this strain from Royal Tree Gardens.
  • Flavor Profile: Light, Butter, Biscotti Cookies
  • Aromatics: Sweet, Fresh, Grass
  • Author’s personal recommendation
  • RMR’s most viewed strain review.

Have You Smoked The Biscotti Strain? | Strain Review

  • Have a Heart (Femont, Bothell, Skyway,) Seattle, Wa. (Royal Tree Farms)
  • The West Seattle Marijuana Store, Seattle, Wa. (Royal Tree Farms)
  • KushMart, Everett, Wa. (Royal Tree Farms.)


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